November 17, 2018

On the occasion of  “Festa dell’Architetto 2018”, the exhibition “B&B Italia / The perfect density” has received the honorable mention in the category exhibition/interior. The exhibition has been conceived to celebrate the 50th anniversary of B&B Italia in 2016 and now is permanent at the company’s historic Headquarter in Novedrate (CO). The installation identifies the concept of density as the narrative fulcrum. “Density” is taken as a feature of B&B Italia’s identity in a broad sense. Density of ideas and Projects, always projecting the company into the future, through a continuous drive for innovation. The award ceremony took place on 16th November 2018 at 5.15 p.m. in Venince at Ca’ Giustinian, Biennale’s historical location. 

16th November 2018 / 5.15 p.m. / Ca’ Giustinian / Calle Ridotto, 1364 /A, 30100 San Marco / Venice

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